Welcome to Graduate Gourmande!  I’m Brynne, a 22-year-old recent college graduate from Southeastern Connecticut.  I graduated from UConn with my B.A. in English in May 2010.  Currently, I’m living at home and working part time at an amazing yoga and athletic apparel store.

What is a gourmande?  It’s the French of gourmand, according to Wikipedia, “a person who takes great pleasure in food.”

I started Graduate Gourmande to document this new and exciting part of my life, mainly my recent foray in learning how to cook.  All of the the healthy living and foodie blogs I read have inspired me and I currently have A LOT of recipes saved to try.  On Graduate Gourmande, I’ll be using recipes I find from around the blogworld, as well as creating my own.  As you may have caught on to, I try to eat healthy, whole, REAL foods as much as possible.  You won’t find any Bacontinos or IHop Who Pancakes (via This Is Why You’re Fat) here.  So what do I eat?

Lots of Greek yogurt bowls with fruit and cereal such as above’s Kashi Honey Sunshine with a Blueberry Chobani, Siggi’s Plain Icelandic Skyr with Stew Leonard’s Cranberry Fitness Trail Mix, and Strawberry Chobani with Kashi Heart to Heart.

Fresh fruit – banana & cinnamon, grapes.

Salads, sweet potatoes (a lot), shrimp, black beans.

Grilled veggie wraps with hummus, pitas and pomegranates, shrimp and scallop teriyaki Bento boxes – Japanese is hands down my favorite ethnic food.

By now means will I be documenting everything I eat – mainly because I get boring eating the same things over and over – but what can I say, I love my yogurt bowls and wraps!  I’ll also be providing foodie product reviews, health and fitness tips and articles, my workouts, and anything else I think to!  Enjoy!

Feel free to contact me – graduategourmande@gmail.com.

  1. Hey Girlie! I know you stop by my blog all the time, but I think this is my first visit to yours – love it & the name! Congrats on your recent graduation. I think working in a fitness store sounds like super fun : )

  2. can’t wait to meet you!!!! 🙂 and we’re going to have sooo much fun in Chicago next week too!

  3. Just found your blog…so happy to see bloggers from CT! I’m attending graduate school at UCONN this fall in English and am also a major gourmande 😉

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