2011 Recap and 2012 goals

2011 – in a lot of ways, it was a big year.

JanuaryI bought a car!


February – set a PDR of 9 miles and discovered Tasti-D-Lite as a refuel food.


March – ran 13.2 miles on the treadmill and got my Garmin!


Aprilran my first half marathon with Emily in 1:57:55!


May – no blog posts for May, I’m guessing it wasn’t that exciting.

June – found out my “shin splints” are actually a stress fracture.


Also, Emily and I drank pineapple martinis at noon and baked a patriotic cake.


I also traveled to Butler University in Indianapolis for a sorority conference.

July – went to the city with one of my best friends and met Ethel the Lonely Penguin at the Central Park Zoo.
August – Again, no blog posts. I went to spin a lot.
SeptemberI started running again!
October – discovered the glory of the Westport Farmer’s Market.
November – started a Tumblr.
December – found out I got back into UConn to get my Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences – the first step I’m taking to become a Registered Dietitian
2012 is looking good! Moving back up to UConn, starting a new program (apartment/loan approval pending). I have a few goals for the year so far:
  • Run 2 half marathons
  • Run 2 miles in 14 minutes
  • Try cross fit
  • Go to hot yoga (I have a Living Social deal I HAVE TO USE – no excuses)
  • Get a 3.0 GPA in the spring
  • Understand chemistry
  • Run 500 miles

I really want(ed) to run a marathon this fall, but I’m not so sure how that’s going to go with school. We shall see!

I ran the first 6.56 of those 500 goals miles yesterday. Um, yeah, they kind of sucked and I walked most of the hills, but it got done in 56:25.


Oh, yeah, and I turn 24 today. Or, 22 again. Yes, 22. Off to a birthday run!

  1. thebettylife said:

    Looks like an exciting year! All the best for 2012
    Betty xxx

  2. Lauren said:

    Sounds like a pretty good year to me…and even a better 2012 to come! Happy birthday my love!!! Xo

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