Sick Day

I took today off from work – I’ve had a cold all week and last night it invaded my chest. Not feeling so hot. I don’t think anyone wants to buy clothes that have been coughed all over. Of course, I know I can only blame myself. Tailgating at a windy Rentschler Field in East Hartford for UConn’s Homecoming football game against USF did me in. However, the short weekend away in the glamorous Celeron Square apartment of my little sister was worth it. The lack of vegetables that day probably didn’t help. I don’t think the relish on my hot dog counts.

Anyway, I took some Dayquil after sleeping in, had some hot tea with lemon and felt a lot better. After three days off so far this week, and only two days of exercise last week (longest since I started working out again two years ago?), I decided to try to run my cold out. It’s worked in the past. I was going to head to the gym, but a quick look at the weather told me it was 68 degrees out, so I drove down to the beach! It was a windy run so breathing wasn’t so simple but I’m glad I went!

Picture 1.png Picture 2.png

I stopped by Lululemon to pick up some new crops – I’m addicted to the luxtreme material that my Run: Inspire crops are made off. They’re great for spin and running (duh) – it’s light, moisture-wicking, and keeps you all tucked in! I ended up buying a pair of Run for Your Life crops. On my way home, I saw that the Westport Farmer’s Market was running so I quickly turned to stop by. My friend and I have tried both the Fairfield and Greenfield Hill Farmer’s Markets and were incredibly disappointed in them. Seeing pictures and reading about other farmer’s markets in Colorado, North Carolina, and Utah set me up for some major Fairfield disappointment.

I was SO EXCITED when I saw numerous tents and heard music as I parked. It was amazing! Local and organic produce, coffee, pizzas, desserts, flowers, and tons of options. There were probably 35 booths? I did a few laps, had many samples, and came away with a ton of goodies!

Butternut squash – $2, Quart of huge apples (I think I got Fujis) – $3


Head of escarole, head of green leaf lettuce, head of romaine – $2.50 each. Garlic bulb – free!

All natural, organic, BEST EVER granola bars – 3 for $11, plus a sample.


3 heirloom tomatoes, giant sweet potato, 2 sweet peppers, 1 giant carrot – $8

Of course, I made a big, local, organic salad when I got home!


All three lettuces, carrot, tomato, pepper, plus feta, chickpeas, honey, and balsamic vinegar. Honey + feta + balsamic = delicious.

More on those delicious granola bars later …

  1. Jocelyn said:

    I really want to try those granola bars!

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