My 7 Links

Kaitlin over at 4 Love of Carrots tagged me in the 7 Links Meme going around the blogging world!

The Rules
1. Blogger is nominated to take part.
2. Nominated blogger publishes his or her 7 links (one for each category).
3. Blogger nominates up to 5 bloggers to take part next.
4. The cycle continues!

1. My Most Beautiful Post

Hmmm my writing is definitely not the post beautiful, but I am kind of in love with my pictures from the central park zoo. And of course, Ethel the Lonely Penguin is beautiful.


2. My Most Controversial Post

I don’t stir up much controversy (at all), but a controversial topic? My juice cleanse for a day!


3. Most Popular Post

Clearly, we are all Trader Joe’s Hoes.


4. Most Helpful

Need to cook a delicious summer lunch? Here you go!


5. Surprise Success

My first day of work’s outfit and food had a lot (for me) of comments. I guess I just look good.


6. Most Unappreciated Post

I have no idea. Why doesn’t everyone appreciate all of my self-indulgent posts? Rude. But really – help me think of some no sugar added alternatives over at my FreelyBe: Kick the Habit post!


7. Post of Which You’re Proudest   

My recap of the Fitness | More Magazines’ Women’s Half Marathon. My first half, sub-2 hours, on a stress fracture? I win at life. No self-induced pressure to do even more amazing on a fully healed a function leg next year or anything …


I’m tagging ..
1. My girlfriend Emily over at Making Life Fit.
2. Jenny at Peanut Butter and Jenny
3. Kristen, the Swanky Dietitian
4. Lee, my favorite Fit Foodie
5. Jocelyn, another Enthusiastic Runner

Have fun!!

I also want to thank Kristen, aka the Swanky Dietitian, for randomly picking me to win her Gnu Bar Giveaway!



I’ve had the Cinnamon Raisin before and loved it so I’m excited to try the Banana Walnut, Chocolate Brownie, Orange Cranberry, and Peanut Butter flavors. Thanks again, Kristen!

  1. Brittany said:

    Great posts!! I legit laughed at the comment, “we are all Trader Joe’s Hoe’s.” You know it!!

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