Satisfying Salads Part Two: Tex-Mex Style!

Did you see? I’m kicking the added sugar habit during August!

I’m back with another satisfying salad assembly post. This time we’re going spicy!

Step One: Greens/Lettuce

My base for this salad was a head of organic romaine, placed in tupperware big enough to fit a Duggar family casserole in it.


Step Two: Vegetables!

Frozen broccoli (will be defrosted by lunch), frozen corn (ditto), red onion, and carrots. Peppers (any color but green – gross) would have been a great addition, but I didn’t have any.


Step Three: Protein

A crumbled black bean burger via The Daily Garnish. My favorite!


Step Four: Fat

Avocado – the best part of any meal, snack, or other munchie.


Step Five: Flavor!

Salsa! In it’s own container so I can keeping adding it as I eat up the greens. Plus hot sauce, duh.


Step Six: Grains/Carbs!

Two whole wheat tortillas on the side.

P1000246.JPG P1000247.JPG

The best thing about my giant salads is that the only sugar that occurs is natural! Okay, maybe not those tortillas … I’ll have to investigate.

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