FreelyBe: Kicking the Habit

The lovely Gracie of Girl Meets Life recently announced the launch of FreelyBe, the explanation of which I’ve copied from the website.

 “Our plan is twofold, but the two outreaches are inherently intertwined.

 1) First, we want to partner with already-existing organizations and individuals that we believe have the mission, values, and integrity that it takes to bring freedom to the world. The unfortunate truth is that there are hundreds of amazing charities and organizations that simply do not have the resources to grow and become as effective as the world needs them to be. Some ways we’ll help are:
– work with organizations to develop an effective business strategy by using our resources and knowledge in PR, digital marketing, research, etc.
– serve as a point of contact in NYC to provide a volunteer force and/or plan events
– promote their cause via our own website/marketing tools to raise not just funds but also awareness

2) Next- we aim to reach the public and connect them to these organizations. We want to teach people what genuine and freedom-causing charities look like. So many people in the world want to help, but they just have no idea where to start. We want to show them what that help in action already looks like.

In short, Freely Be is the middleman between organizations and the public. The relationship between the two is imperative if freedom is to be spread in the world, and its our job to cultivate, grow, and maintain that bond.”

I immediately signed up to participate as a blogger and volunteer as a person.  I admire Gracie’s blog for many reasons – her humor, her bluntness, her obvious passion for life and for helping others.  I’m so glad that I can help promote Freely Be as an organization I have a passion for and truly, truly believe in.

Kick the Habit

Freely Be’s first “event” is called “Kick the Habit.”  Here are the details from Gracie’s email:

Before you can change the world, you need to change your own. To share freedom, one must be free themselves. In an effort to bring that freedom, we are launching a fun FREEDOM rally- Kick the Habit.

Is there something in your life that just isn’t good for you? Addicted to smoking? Spending too much on cocktails? Taking cabs when you could be walking? Can’t stop the urge to shop?

Then its time to kick the habit!

From August 1-31 we want to hear your stories and challenge you for the month to improve YOU!

So get ready to send us your emails, videos, tweets, etc. on how you Kicked the Habit and are encouraging others to do so as well. We’ll also be opening up the Freely Forums so you can discuss your kicked habit with others who might share the same one.

Think you’ll want to take it a step further? We propose taking the finances you would use on that habit, and donate it towards a good cause.

You take on the challenge – help others, help yourself. What have you got to lose (other than yellow teeth and early-onset wrinkles?)

My habit I’m going to kick in August?  Added and artificial sugars.  They’re in everything.  And it’s gross. 

[ source ]

 have actually been thinking of trying to cut out added sugars for a few days and Gracie’s email was all the motivation I needed.

 I already have a bunch of posts in mind to write for August, including: how to find added sugars, sugars’ affect on the body, and natural replacements.  Let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions!

Now, excuse me while I go bury my face in Pinkberry for the next four days …

What would you give up to gain a better life?  How long?  A month, a year, forever?

  1. I don’t eat a lot of sugar, so I don’t really watch my intake. I totally need to limit the cheese though…

    • Brynne said:

      I don’t either, that’s why I don’t like seeing in unexpected places like bread! Haha I think you’re fine on the cheese, though, really. Protein, healthy fat, deliciousness? You’re covered!

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