Library Creepers and Satisfying Salads

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This morning, I headed to the library to check out some books to read (obviously). I spent a while wandering around the fiction section and eventually made my way downstairs to non-fiction. An older man, who I originally assumed to be an employee, greeted me, and I said hi back. Then he asked for my “beautiful name.” UM bye. I ignored him and just continued looking for books. I heard someone talking kind of softly, clearly on a cell phone, and realized it was him. I moved around and he followed me through the stacks. CREEPER STATUS. Eventually I lost him, went back upstairs to the new releases, didn’t see him any longer, and so I went back downstairs to look around again without freaking out. As I’m walking out the door, I see him outside on his cell phone. I walk by and he tells the person on the other line to hold on and he calls out to me “Excuse me, miss, miss!” I ignored him, walked to my car, and made sure no one was following me as I left. Seriously? HOW DO YOU THINK THAT IS ACCEPTABLE? It is rude, you could be my grandfather, and legitimately who has actually ever picked someone else up by creeping on them? No one.

So, if you would like to be hit on by a man who could be your grandfather, please head to your local library on a casual Saturday morning. Don’t shower, don’t fix your second-day hair bun from when you get out of bed, wear $5 Soffee mesh shorts and an oversized t-shirt with no make up. Walk out with a new boy toy. Why am I single again?

If you’re not looking for boyfriend advice, I can offer you some different advice – how to build a satisfying salad! To me, salads are not an appetizer, side dish, or meal in which to cut calories. Oh, no. I have a salad for at least one meal everyday, usually lunch. More often than not, I have a theme – Asian salad, Taco salad, etc., but sometimes my giant container of tupperware is just a vegetable free-for-all. This salad is the latter.

Step One: Greens/Lettuce

Add your greens to a salad bowl meant for a family of four. Don’t share. In this case, I used a couple of handfuls of organic mixed greens and about half a head of organic romaine.

P1000226.JPG  P1000227.JPG

Step Two: Protein

I used chickpeas here. With beans, I usually buy organic and/or low sodium. After rinsing, I add about half the can to my salad.

P1000228.JPG P1000229.JPG

Step Three: Vegetables!

In this salad: carrots, celery, red onion, and sugar snap peas.


Step Four: Fat

Fact: feta makes it beta! Fun fact: up until last year, I pronounced it “fay-ta” until my friends made enough fun of me to change it to the correct pronunciation of “feh-ta.”

P1000231.JPG  P1000233.JPG

Step Five: Flavor!

I love Bolthouse Farms dressings! They’re all super healthy, low fat and low-cal (which just means I add more), and so flavorful! I just tried this flavor, Raspberry Merlot, and love it! The sweetness is so great with the salty feta.

P1000234.JPG P1000235.JPG

Step Six: Grains/Carbs!

Stacy’s Pita Chips* added a great crunch to my salty and sweet salad.

P1000237.JPG P1000238.JPG

And there you have it, a filling salad for one!

*Extra handfuls of pita chips are required for this recipe.

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