Confessions, Part 1

These are my confessions .. not Usher style.

1. Breakfast and lunch are healthy, balanced meals.


Green Monster with frozen strawberries, chocolate protein powder, spinach, and raw oats.


Waffle-wich with egg + goat cheese, plus a mango.


Post-grad double fisting: smoothie and coffee.

Dinner? Healthy, sure. Balanced? Ummm … By the time I get home after traffic, I have no desire to cook. So lately, my dinner consists of a massive pile of kale chips with nutritional yeast, and lots and lots of carrots and hummus. Some bread. Maybe some tuna if we’re getting fancy with the can opener.

2. I always have dessert. Always. Arctic Zero, you are my lover. Minus your price. Yes, it’s low-cal, but I make up for that with the Hagrid-sized handful of peanuts and the even bigger handful of carob chips. And the half can of whipped creams. Seconds on the peanuts, carob, and whipped cream occur more often than not.

( source )

3. I have actually cried over not being able to run. A couple of times in spin. Including this morning.

4. Although, I now crave spin. When I get back to running (4 weeks and 6 days!), spin will definitely keep a place in my weekly routine. I also want to invest in a cushioned seat, clip-in shoes, and, eventually, a road bike.

5. Recovered as though my body, and mostly my mind, are .. I still HATE that my thighs touch. HATE.

6. I cried last week driving home from seeing my friends. Sometimes actually seeing the people you miss just makes it worse. Being that I was actually wearing makeup for once, it got in my eyes and burned and I had to pull over on 84.

7. I am more excited for/depressed over the last Harry Potter than any 23 year old should be.

( source )

If I still had a dorm room, I might have this poster up. Maybe.

8. I am also way more excited about 16 Handles coming to Fairfield than anyone should be. Especially someone that’s lactose intolerant. It’s fine. I’m thinking a fro-yo tour of a Tasti-D-Lite breakfast, Pinkberry lunch, and 16 Handles dinner is in store. Who’s in?

9. I’m still hungry after breakfast number one. Part two, coming up …

1 comment
  1. Meg said:

    The can opener and I are BFF…and so are my thighs, actually, they’re lovers cause they touch too. No biggie though – love is au naturale 😉

    You’re my fave.

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