The First Days of Summer

Have been so rainy and gross! But that’s ok because it’s officially summer – not that it really means anything to me now that I’m not in school but it’s still exciting! I celebrated with the obligatory green iced tea from Starbucks (venti, of course), and a classic summer dinner: a burger and chips!

P1000092.JPG P1000093.JPG

Okay, so it’s a Boca burger (the vegan one – it’s SO good!) and kale chips, but still. It’s the healthy, animal-free version of a classic. Boca vegan burger on a multi-grain sandwich thin with ketchup, red onion, and mixed greens + carrots and garlic hummus and kale chips on the side. And of course, since, it’s summer, it’s still so light out at dinner time, hence the beautiful picture! New camera, I love you.

This has been my favorite breakfast lately. It’s quick and easy to prep and travels well to work with me.

P1000094.JPG P1000096.JPG

Egg whites and goat cheese on a sandwich thin (or a wrap, waffles, or bread) + frozen blueberries. A pint, of course.

My mom always tells me that when I was little, a toddler maybe, my mouth and hands were continuously stained purple from the massive amount of frozen blueberries that I ate. When I bought the four pints at Whole Foods the other day – as they were organic and on sale, I had to stock up – I put two in the freezer so that they couldn’t go bad before I finished them all. That turned out to be an amazing idea.

I’m currently typing up this post from the Detroit airport, en route to Indiana for the weekend for a Leadership Conference for my sorority. The collegians have a t-shirt swap tonight and until yesterday, I was brainstorming which shirt I could bear to part with but soon realized I’m an alumnae and will not be able to participate in the swap. Not ok. Alums need clothes too. Even more so … we are poor. Well, at least I am. I’m hoping to come back with at least a pen.

I’m still shocked I fit everything into these two bags:


Two days later …

The weekend was fun, but quick! And definitely not the most nutritious. I mean, it was dining hall food. I was in the same time zone but I still feel really tired and off, like my body doesn’t know what time it is. I’m right now sitting in the Detroit airport on my way home. This is the random food that I’ve managed to find today:

  • Two coffees with soymilk (from the cafeteria)
  • Starbucks fruit cup (bought yesterday from the campus Starbucks that was open for 4 hours, and only because we were there)
  • NuGo Carrot Cake bar (too sweet)
  • Apple
  • Earl Grey tea
  • Mixed green salad with tomatoes, chickpeas, carrots, craisins, and balsamic that tasted like nothing
  • Gardenburger sans bun, with ketchup, lettuce, and onion from a burger joint in the airport
  • Banana

I’ve eaten so much fruit this weekend my blood sugar must be through the roof. But I got to see a couple of my chapter sisters and meet new ones from all over the country!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pen – but I did score an engraved keychain. Sorority SWAG FTW!
I just want some hummus.
  1. I love veggie burgers! I’ve been eating the gardenburgers. I haven’t tried boca yet. Those kale chips also look great I’ve never made them but I think I need to get on that.
    I’ve also been eating tons of fruit lately! I can’t get enough of it. It’s the only time that fruit is really good so I might as well enjoy it while it’s here!

  2. Emily said:

    I want an egg white sandwich. ALL I HAVE IS JUICE. SAVE ME.

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