My appointment the other day turned out to have been accidentally made with a podiatrist and not an orthopedist, but luckily I was able to get an appointment in this morning with an actual orthopedist in the sports medicine complex.

He quickly asked me a few questions, pressed a few places, and sent me for x-rays. I have been adamant this whole time I didn’t have a stress fracture. My self-diagnosis was made after testing done by me, myself, and I – didn’t hurt upon tapping, seemed muscular, etc. Plus, my mom and stepdad are physical therapists and they were doubtful. My doctor said it was tendonitis.

NOPE KIDS. IT’S A STRESS FRACTURE. That I’ve had since January. That I trained for and ran a half marathon on .. And you know what? It’s my own fault.

I am a female runner. Recovering from an eating disorder. I haven’t been taking calcium. I pushed past pain and ignored my body. I ignored the voice that something was really wrong for months. I know that I get A LOT of nutrients with my heavily plant-based diet, but clearly, for my poor recovering bones, this was not enough. I am stubborn. I am so stubborn I denied that I was injured. Then I denied that I was really injured. And now, I’m on crutches for at least three weeks and sidelined from running for months. FAIL.

I’m allowed to bike. Not ellipticise (it’s a word!), no stair-mastering. And while biking/spin doesn’t give me anywhere near the satisfaction of running, I’ll take what I can get. I’ll throw myself into strength training and build myself some guns.

Another recent development is my lactose intolerance. Again, in January, I realized that looking four months pregnant all the time wasn’t normal. Yes, again, I’m stubborn. At first, I thought it was a gluten/wheat thing – hey, why not hop on the train? Maybe it still is a little (I’m planning to get tested for food allergies next week at my physical) but – one day at work I ate a Chobani for breakfast and – oh hey, expanding stomach! So my beloved Greek yogurt has been cut out, along with cottage cheese, and the like. Yes, I bought Lactaid but have only used it for Laughing Cow consumption, so who knows with bigger things. Last night’s Colony Pizza (SO GOOD) and Pinkberry consumption certainly made itself known to my tum. NOT COOL.

I know I’m not alone in my frustration. Jess and Janae have both had stress fractures that sidelined them from running and I’m thankful I have their fabulous, helpful blogs to read. So here’s my plan:

  • Bike/spin about 4 days a week
  • Actually use my crutches and don’t be tempted to skip out because my shin “feels fine”
  • Use my sweet bone stimulator when I get it next week


And we’re the three best friends that anyone could have …

There are positive things going on too! Like the fact that Target is now carrying G.T.’s Kombucha for $2.99!!!! And I’m pretty sure that the two Cosmic Cranberry bottles I got there other day are the original alcoholic formula!


Wooooo drinking! Off to go hobble around my kitchen to make a calcium-filled lunch!

    • Brynne said:

      Yup, in the grocery sections they just put into the Targets near me. AND SO CHEAP!

  1. I may or may not be having the same issue. I say may or may not becaus ei’m in serious denial about possibly having a stress fracture, I go into see I think an orthopedist tomorrow and we’ll see what happens :/

    I also had nasty stress fractures at the end of high school that took forever to hela because I had a bad vitamin D deficiency… yay seattle weather & not eating dairy/vitamin D-fortified products, great combo :/

    sending you healing vibes! ❤

    • Brynne said:

      UGH – I was honestly in denial for SO LONG. Like, literally half of the year. I hope you went to the orthopedist and you’re figuring it out! Stress fractures and injuries in general obviously suck but I’m glad I figured it out and now can focus on healing instead of pushing through pain and making it worse. I’m sure the winter didn’t help! But now I’m taking my Vitamin D and calcium obsessively. THANK YOU<3

      • Yeah I went today, and he didn’t seem overly concerned coz I’ve only been back at running for less than a month… but one of the spots he touched on my right shin literally hurt for 10 minutes afterwards so I’m still kind of being a hypochondriac and assuming the worst. :/ I’m supposed to run a 1/2 in October which is why I’m so worried/upset/annoyed/etc, gah! I go in tomorrow to get x-rays & my blood checked re: vitamin d.

        Apparently my previous vit. d levels (from 3? years ago?) were the lowest he’d ever seen lol. gotta love being a medical marvel…

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