The Case of the Shin

I can’t remember in the past oh, five posts since 2011 began, if I mentioned my shin splints. They appeared out of nowhere during half training somewhere in mid-January and have stuck around ever since. At first, it was my left. Then both. At some point, my left shin healed, but the right one has made it a habit of torturing me.

I switched shoes. I stopped speed and hill training. After the half, I went to my doctor. Obviously I knew the pain in my lower right leg wasn’t a shin splint at this point. For one, having had shin splints before, they never manifested anywhere except, well, ON my shin. This pain is on the left side of my shin bone.

Diagnosis? Tendonitis. Yes, I’ve never heard of tendonitis of the shin either. Prescription? Ibuprofen, icing, A LOT of rest, and no running for two weeks. Two weeks later, still not healed. Four weeks, still no go. “Just keep resting.” That was April, two weeks after my half. Now it is June, two months later. Yeah, I’m thinking it’s not tendonitis.

Having run approximately four times in the past two months IS KILLING ME. I have actually cried about it. There was a time in high school, during cross country, where I would BEG to get injured. I “ran” to hang out with my friends and because I loved our coach. We had fun. When the running was over, anyway.

Now? I have literally cried tears over running. Not just tears of frustration, but because I miss it. I see runners on the street and secretly wish that they fall into a sewer hole. Wait, what? No. Kind of.

ONE CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH ELLIPTICALLING. And spin class just kicks my ass. Every. Single. Time.

So this morning I have an appointment with a sports-medicine-orthopedist-podiatrist-runner! Woo! Also, he’s Jewish, so for some reason I trust him more. 90% of my friends from college are Jewish and they are just too smart. It’s true, I have Jew envy. Once I put hummus on my dining hall falafel and my friends suggested I just convert.

ANYWAY hopefully I will be back soon with good news! And a Jewish doctor husband.

To make your eyes happy, here are some photos of what Emily and I do on Saturdays:


Drink pineapple martinis at noon.


Bake red, white, and blue cakes while eating frosting and entire pints of strawberries for breakfast. Don’t worry, the vodka was dessert.

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