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Wooooo we did it! Emily and I ran our half in NYC on Sunday and it was FABULOUS! So much fun! I am already itching to run another 🙂 Well, as soon as my shin/calf feels back to normal.

Going back to Saturday …

Emily picked me up around noon and we immediately started blasting tunes and hydrating.

(picture stolen lovingly from Em)

The first jam to pop up on Emily’s shuffle? Biebs’ “Never Say Never.” The shuffle has never been more appropriate. It quickly turned into the theme of the weekend.

Emily navigated us into the city, found an epic parking spot, and did an amazing job of parallel parking! However, we quickly learned from the flower vendor nearby that those spaces were for firefighters only. Being that we are NOT educated on putting out flames, we had to reconvene, but quickly found another amazing spot and headed over to the Expo to pick up our bibs and swag. The Expo was fun! Nothing huge, but plenty of booths and fun things. However, our grumbling stomachs and the need for carbs was strong, so we headed over to Chipotle Pret a Manger Hale and Hearty for lunch. No pic, but I was extremely happy with my white bean and spinach soup, whole grain bread slice, and half tuna sandwich. Oh wait, that was after we ended up at Jack Rabbits after chasing Emily’s beloved Jelly Belly Sports Beans across the city.

After lunch, we headed over to Central Park to walk .015 of our course for the next day and debate hills, trees, city living, and the like. Our next stop was anything but debatable.


Tart ‘n’ Tasti for both of us, with mini chocolate chips and kiwi for Em and strawberries and peanut butter chips for me. Epic combination. I LOVE TASTI D-LITE!

We wandered around the zoo that is the Columbus Circle Whole Foods, picked up some gorgeous red Gerber Daisies for our hosts, and made our way to Whitestone for the night. Emily’s cousin and his wife were kind enough to let us stay in their spare bedroom for the night, provide us with a delicious carby dinner of brown rice pasta with turkey bolognese and salad, a Trader Joe’s chocolate covered banana for dessert, a precious neighbor’s baby, and the first 11 minutes of the UConn Final Four game. In bed at 9:45 and up at 5:55 – first thing’s first UCONN WON! With that knowledge, we could begin our race day prep.

We dressed and were on our way by 6:20. Pre-race fuel was a sandwich thin with peanut butter, lovingly prepared for me by Em. We parked (seriously, she is an epic parallel parker), got coffee, stood in a massive line for the bathroom, and were off. El Garmino did not want to turn on right away .. he finally got into the groove at mile 5.


Ready to Run! (And pee …)

Overall, it was AMAZING! I had so much fun and I seriously cannot wait to run another race. I will DEFINITELY be running this half next year! I came in at 1:57:55 according to my chip timer – under 2 hours, just for what I was secretly hoping for!



photo (2).JPG
In the swag bag:

  • Fitness mag
  • More mag
  • Lady Speedstick
  • Silk Chocolate
  • Gluten-free chocolate peanut butter bar
  • Multi-vitamin gummy
  • Coupon for Thomas’ Bagel Thins
  • Tampons
  • Athleta temporary tattoo
  • Brochures/info for Sketchers Shape-Ups, Tonalin (both lame), bagel thins
  • Camp Hole in the Wall kazoo – clearly the best part
  • Lady Speed Stick string backpack

My number was 4153. The D-Tag was covering the “3” so I thought at first I was 415 – pretty sweet number! No. Emily was 500 .. later on, 5000. She would get the cool number.

After the race, we went to brunch with Emily’s family. First thing’s first: mimosas.


We had decided early on they were necessary.


Followed by an egg white omelet with feta, spinach, and tomatoes, paired with challah toast and hash browns. Pure post-race perfection at EJ’s Luncheonette.

  1. Meg said:

    I am all about getting tampons in swagbags. No, seriously, those janks are expensive!

    Tampontalk aside, CONGRATS you are amazing and I could only wish I was there shouting and routing you on. Love you!

    • Brynne said:

      Thanks beautiful!

      And literally LOLing at your comment. Too true, though, I’d much rather spend my $$ on more important things like froyo and nail polish.

  2. kbwood said:

    CONGRATS GIRL!!! proud of you- you rock!

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