The Wonder That is Garmin

I just got back from a run where I was FINALLY able to use my Garmin for a purpose other than a heart rate monitor!  It is seriously cool and amazing – it does everything for me!  No more spending 20 minutes on MapMyRun clicking every minute turn and calculating my average pace without knowing my splits or pace in relation to hills.  YESSS!

Untitled by brynnegaulin at Garmin Connect – Details.

I also booked it home because suddenly the forecast of “partly cloudy” turned into this:

and this:

Oh, and last week on Monday I went to spin and almost threw up.  Funny how I can run 11 miles on the treadmill (did that too last week, felt like Janae minus the fast time) and actually have fun without even being sore the next day (?), but45 minutes of spinning in a dark room can make my thighs burn like they haven’t since a hill nicknamed “The Beast” in high school cross country.  You know you’ve got a good instructor when you’re swearing at her.  Thanks, Kristie.

  1. ahh im gonna look into buying a garmin right now.

    agree- it’s so hard trying to track everything on your phone.

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