PDR and Refueling

With a 9-miler on my plan for today, I was more than happy to drive my brother back to UConn and get my run done on campus! With my long run and Valentine’s Day in mind, I loaded my nightly fro-yo with extra peanuts and chocolate chips last night 🙂 On the way up, I had coffee and my favorite day-off breakfast of a soy bacon, avocado, and egg white sandwich and a banana. Such a great healthy version of my favorite bacon, egg, and cheese – but much more filling and better running fuel!

I dropped my brother off at his dorm (North, I miss you) and picked up two of my senior besties for some Starbucks before their Sing and Shout Class. Sadly, I hear it’s hard. Should stuck with Human Sexuality, kids.

I changed into my sneakers and Shape Jacket and headed out on this 4.7 mile loop:


As much as I loved running on campus and past all my favorite Storrs houses, 9 miles was not easy. Altogether, it ended up being 9.3 miles – definitely the farthest I’ve ever run! Yayyy PDR! But it was HARD. Storrs has hills. And wind. How did I forget about the wind? It was SO WARM – about 46 when I started at 11 but with the wind, sometimes I was cold, and sometimes I wanted to drop my jacket off and change into shorts back at my car. The first loop was great, but I really felt like I was dragging on the second. Somehow I ended up finishing in just over an hour and twenty-four minutes – a 9 min./mile pace. I REALLY WANT to finish the half in under two hours and to do that I need to run about a 9:13 min./mile pace.

I ate a bag of dried cherries from Starbucks on my run – not sure how much they helped, energy wise. I really couldn’t feel a difference at all. When I got back to Jocelyn (the Jetta, duh) I chugged half a bottle of Vitamin Water and a coconut water – aka, the runner’s juice box.

With my newly developed shin splints, I’m thinking of increasing my speedwork and decreasing my hill work. Anyone know how hilly the Fitness/More Magazine half in Central Park is? Honestly, aside from “The Beast” of Brookfield High Schools’ cross country course, I’ve never had much of an issue with hills. Even today, I really surprised myself with how easy they felt. Of course, that’s probably from the hill work I’ve been doing and evidently need to continue to do.

No one was around for lunch since I came up on such short notice, and as I have no appetite after long runs anyway, I just headed home after a reassuring phone call to Emily. Of course, as soon as I walked in the door, I downed two tortillas slathered in Sabra and a couple handfuls of Triscuits with hummus blobs bigger than the crackers themselves. I showered and ran out the door for my Valentine’s Day/long run present to myself.


Tasti-D-Lite – chocolate and vanilla swirl with mini M&Ms. There is nothing better than M&Ms in ice cream, especially melty ice cream. And yes, that’s a large.

I haven’t gotten truly hungry since that massive snack, but I ate dinner:

IMG00090-20110214-1904.jpg IMG00089-20110214-1904.jpg

Kale chips with S&P and quinoa cooked with vegetable bouillion, garlic powder, chili powder, and cayenne powder with roasted broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, sweet potato and onion.

A second round of frozen yogurt is definitely on the agenda tonight, with peanut butter, peanuts, dark chocolate chips, and a pound of whipped cream. Like really, for me, there are about three servings in a can of whipped cream. It should be its own food group.

Oh, and my sole Valentine’s gift?


A Disney Princess sticker and coloring book. From my mom. She told me there was something else inside. I thought maybe a check? Oh no. Queen stickers. I’m going to go start my #mylifeisajoke hashtag on Twitter …

PS. I totally have a huge girl crush on Janae. FO REAL. And I am insanely jealous of her treadmill and insanely fast pace.

  1. congrats on the run girly! very proud of you and i know you can make it under 2 hours.

    LOVE tasti d-lite 🙂 might have to get some this weekend!

  2. Cait said:

    just came across your blog! you have some really insightful posts! can’t wait to see what you share next 🙂 xo all that food looks so yummy!

  3. AHHH CONGRATS ON YOUR PDR!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! How fun to run through campus…but still crazy hard ha!! Your fro-yo is calling my name along with all of the other beautiful food. You made my day with your sweet words…thank you so much!!! I hope you get a treadmill someday too:)

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