7 Miles?

So I’m annoyed. Mostly with myself. Okay, fully with myself. Saturdays are my long run days, so Saturday morning I set out to the gym to complete my 7 miles on the treadmill. The (huge) parking lot was completely packed. THERE WAS VALET PARKING. I thought it was a joke. Nope! After circling the outer roads around the gym to find nothing, I gave up and went home with the intention of coming back later.

I work out in the morning for a few reasons – I am way too tired to go after work, I am too incoherent to talk myself out of it, and I run/elliptical/stairmaster better on a mostly empty stomach. A cup of coffee and half a Lunabar or Larabar and I’m good to go.

I headed home, ate breakfast, went grocery shopping with my mom, stopped at my grandma’s, and ate lunch. As soon as we got home I set out for attempt #2. Parking success. Running fail.

I talked myself through three miles while my stomach was yelling at me. I guess my grilled vegetable and mozzarella sandwich was just too much for it. I was upset but told myself it was no big deal and I could just switch my days around. I did 45 easy minutes on the elliptical yesterday as my cross training and braved the cold today to finally complete my long run. I drove to downtown Fairfield to do a loop a little over 3.5 miles I calculated on MapMyRun.Com.

Between the ice, dodging traffic and pedestrians, I was really really happy when I pushed stop on my iPod stopwatch at 58 minutes and some change. Too good to be true – I got home and looked at my mapped run to realize I turned a street too early in the loop both times, to end up with 6.56 miles. Clearly not the end of the world and closer to 7 than my sucky 3-miler on Saturday but I’m still mad I haven’t done my 7 miler yet. Yes, I’m a baby. And probably heading to the gym after my sushi lunch to run half a mile. Because I’m just that stubborn.

I feel better now that I got that out. I’ve got nothing else on the agenda today except for lunch with my dad so I definitely want to finish my training plan and re-paint my nails. Coral is the color this spring at Essie’s Tarte Deco is still my favorite color from 2010 (or ever?) and screams spring – a much needed burst of brightness in this NEVER ENDING winter. After the first snow storm, the Adirondack chairs outside our store looked my like this:

Now they look like this:

See those two lumps to the right of the sign in front of the window? Yeah, that’s them. Another foot tomorrow into Wednesday? I’m moving to California.
Cleaning out the pictures on my BlackBerry, I remembered this baby carrot bigger than my finger. Enjoy.
Leave me some new songs! To work out to, to chill out to, to sing at the top of my lungs to, whatever!
  1. you should be proud of your run!! glad you got it in. enjoy the rest of the day πŸ™‚

  2. oatsandspice said:

    We have so much snow here in Michigan too… and I guess there is a hugeeee storm coming tonight 😦

    I love your blog – it is so cute! I can’t wait to keep reading… I just started blogging about 2 months ago – it is extremely addicting πŸ™‚ Take a look at it if you get a chance: http://www.oatsandspice.wordpress.com

  3. Cait said:

    I love your blog! so great and i’m def snowed in as well! ahhh it stinks (i blogged about it as well) hmm new songs to sing- if you’re a country fan ‘felt good on my lips’ by tim mcgraw is great or ‘somewhere with you’ by kenny chesney!

  4. i always feel that way too, at first i dont want to go out and i dont think i will enjoy it but then when i do i always end up saying to myself “thank God i went out for the fresh air!!”

    hehe that baby carrot just toddlersized itself πŸ˜‰

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