How did I spend my birthday? Doing nothing and loving it.

Hope you’re ready for some horrible BlackBerry pictures!

After a snow-dodging but great 7 mile run, I had my new favorite breakfast:


Egg whites, soy bacon, and avocado on whole wheat English muffins

Yeah, it’s amazing. Lunch was another favorite, Whole Foods sushi:


Brown rice shrimp California roll

+ an original Kombucha.

After church I spent some time shopping at Sephora (holla Christmas gift cards), we sat down to my birthday dinner – turkey chili! Obviously, another favorite. And then CAKE!


Whole Foods carrot cake of deliciousness

After dinner, my brother, uncle, and I went to see True Grit – it was so good! Definitely go see it, especially if you like the Coen brothers. It really reminded me of No Country for Old Men, another great movie.

So, aside from the obvious highlight of being my birthday and including cake, I was so happy yesterday to have such a great, long run, and not to have tripped and fallen on my face while dodging puddle, ice patches, and snow mountains.

Today I woke up early and headed to the gym for half an hour of ellipticalling and a quick two miles. Like most of my Mondays off, I really did nothing. Except buy a new nail polish (shocking) and go out to dinner with my dad. Highlights of my day? You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI and Molto’s Salmon Salad. And more cake.

I promise, even though I’ll be eating cake tomorrow, it won’t be the highlight of my day. Well, we’ll see …

  1. mmm love carrot cake! & whole foods
    glad that you enjoyed your bday and happy late one!
    and dang @ 7mile run even in snow. Props!
    Take care

  2. Emily said:

    I did 7 in the snow spontaneously on Friday, it was strangely calming. I’m liking the Jacques and of course, the sushi 🙂 Glad you had a relaxing birthday!

  3. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me! I looove carrot cake. And I’m going to be trying that breakfast sandwich tomorrow!!

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