Lessons of the Week …

As delicious as vegetables are on their own, they are even better with cheese.

Roasted carrots, brussels sprouts, green beans, mushrooms, and broccoli with a crumbled Trader Joe’s goat cheese medallion

Steamed brussels sprouts, carrots, and broccoli with freshly grated parm + a black bean burger and avocado on a whole wheat bagel

Sometimes, after a 13 hour workday, an acceptable dinner should at least include some whole grains and fruit …


Life is too short to live without bagels …

, chive cream cheese, and red onion on a honey whole wheat bagel

Sushi is necessary at least once a week … also, frozen edamame is still good after a year.

Whole Foods brown rice shrimp California roll & brown rice tuna avocado roll with edamame

When accepting live crabs from a man named Bones, be prepared to immediately cook them, because if you have plans to hit up the craft store, you will have to release them back into the wild.


Yeah, things that are the complete opposite of normal happen to me and Emily when we’re together. And our seven miler yesterday is definitely catching up to me – dinner #2 is about to be followed by dessert #1. And Harry Potter weekend, of course.

  1. Jenny said:

    I’m with you on the bagel mantra…you can never have too many bagels 😉

  2. kristisn said:

    I think sushi once a week is the best idea!

  3. kbwood said:

    you are wonderful!! I LOVE what you said about bagels.. haha AMEN girl!

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