Friday Night Bloggers’ Club

Watching Titanic on TBS with Gabriela via twitter.  RUDELY interrupted by baseball.


I’m working all weekend since the little babes have SATs tomorrow (my usual day off).  Hopefully I can get up earlier to head to the gym tomorrow, since the dark and cold mornings haven’t really been making that easy this week.  My bed is just so much more cozy 🙂

I know Gabriela’s relaxing at home with twelve kinds of hummus (but no Leo) and Emily is running the Hartford Half tomorrow .. I’ll be selling clothes and eating candy .. what are you up to this weekened?

  1. Megan said:

    Haha I love this!! Yall are too cute.

  2. that’s too funny! and I would have been annoyed too. Baseball is one of the sports I really don’t get into watching. It’s fun to go to a game but boring for TV. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love love love you for loving me. Check out the race recap & let’s gab via bbm about the hilarious things I witnessed during my 2 hours 10 minutes of running Saturday tomorrow? Awesome.

  4. hahah you are awesome.

    titanic is definitely more important than boring baseball!! hope you are having a great week so far girly 🙂

  5. Kelsey said:

    btw congrats on winning Christina’s cookie giveaway!! ❤ YUM 😛

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