It Happens

Well hello!

Funny – I got the sudden urge to post and it’s been exactly a month since my last blog.  Why?  I just didn’t want to.  Same old meals, same old exercise, blah blah blah.  Sure, my life isn’t that exciting right now – but it’s my life.  And I’ll blog if I want to.  Some days I do!  Like today.

Nothing super exciting to report – I still love my job, I still eat a lot of healthy food, I still work out 4-5 days a week, and I am still broke.  As I mentioned, I was (and am) actively trying to gain weight – and I have!  Actively in the sense that I am consciously and purposefully trying to gain, as well as actively in the sense that I AM still exercising in the process and do believe that it is necessary.  It helps fuel my metabolism, my endorphins (for happiness – and happy people don’t kill their husbands.  They just don’t.), and my stress relief.  A lot of people don’t recommend exercise while gaining, but I’m doing what’s right for me.

Speaking of doing what’s right for me – while not posting, I’ve definitely still been reading.  A a week or two ago, Danielle mentioned briefly that she doesn’t subscribe to the standard scientific “calories in = calories out” formula.  I was SO curious to see her explanation for this and she answered my curiosity with a whole post explaining.  She has some really great points, as do most of the comments.  I’m definitely going to do my own research on this theory and come up with my own beliefs.  But really, humans are not machines.  Knowing anything definitive about our bodies metabolization rate is impossible – NO ONE IS THE SAME.  Our personalities aren’t, our brains aren’t, our fingerprints aren’t, and so our metabolisms aren’t.  Only makes sense, right?  What do you think????

Other things – no, I did not end up going to the Healthy Living Summit.  It was a last minute, unforeseen, extremely disappointing decision that I unfortunately had to make.  Basically, a lot of personal and family stuff has been going on this summer – I’ll leave it at that.

Eats have honestly been pretty much the same – wraps, crackers, overnight oats, fruit, sweet potatoes, etc.  Now that it’s almost fall I’m hoping that the seasonal fruit and vegetable changes will help shift my food rut.  Not that it’s all not delicious 🙂

Just for some color to this post:

BlackBerry pic of a Gabriela-inspired meal: a whole avocado mashed with salt, pepper, lime juice, and some tomato, with carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, a sprouted toast for dipping.  So simple and so good.

A Mediterranean-inspired meal with my mom at Bloodroot: Greek salad with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, feta, and picked-off olives plus the taboule platter – hummus with pine nuts, baba ganouj, taboule on romaine with pita.  Plus a Perrier.  All such fresh, wholesome ingredients.  Worth it!

After work tomorrow I’m heading up to UConn for the long weekend to help out my sorority/little sister with recruitment!  Yes, I’m the freak who goes back to college right after she graduates.  Whatever, it’s legit – they need help, I am obsessed with recruitment (which my little is in charge of), and my brother is up at Storrs this year!  I miss him but I’m so proud he is actually having a college experience after commuting to a local branch for two years.

Seriously – I’ll be back soon.  Fitting in with the theme of inspiration, here are some others who inspire me:

  • Jenny, for kicking ass and being awesome.  And being hot in those jeans.
  • Janetha, for her positive outlook, cute pups, new last name, fellow unique name, and for being generally awesome
  • Mama Pea, for ideas and motivation to be as great of a mom as she is one day
  • Jenna, for being spontaneous and loving wine and the pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie
  • Gracie, for being so honest in all of her thoughtful, well-written and researched posts

Wish us luck with recruitment!  What are your thoughts on the “calories in = calories out” school of thought?  Andddd what’s your favorite country song?  Right now I’m loving “If I Die Young” by The Perry Band.

  1. katie anne said:

    “why dont we just dance” omg he has a smile that makes me go weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im so glad you posted…and that you like country music!!!! we’re a rare breed…esp in the northeast lol

    • katie anne said:

      josh turner btw lol 🙂

  2. janetha said:

    glad you decided to post 🙂 i have missed you and your blog! thank you for the shout out. you are so thoughtful. i am glad you are gaining and also that you are exercising because it feels good and works for you! that’s awesome! sorry to say this (well i am not sorry, actually) i HATE country music! blech! love you, lady

  3. I’m glad you liked my post! And it’s certainly possible to exercise while gaining weight- as long as you’re not over-doing it & eating enough

    That’s so nice of you to help with recruitment! (I wouldn’t go back to endure that haha). Good luck 🙂

  4. Nicole said:

    Yay! I’m happy to see a post from you and I’d glad to hear you are doing well 😀

  5. Ahhh loving all the guac action!! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂 I definitely agree with you on the metabolism thing. Everyone is so different, so it’s stupid to apply rules to our metabolisms or bodies!

  6. Kat said:

    I think metabolism rules generally work in the sense that depending on what you’re going for you need to eat more/less and exercise more/less. But beyond that, everyone’s bodies process things so differently (down to the way that they retain water!), that I think it’s really all relative.

    Love the Legally Blonde shout-out!

  7. I also do not agree with the idea of calories in = calories out. I mean, you can use the idea but there are so many other factors.
    I was in a sorority and I loved recruitment so much! it should be a good time.
    Glad you’re back from some time off..we all need a break from blogging once in a while.

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