Only a week late? Don’t hate.

No, not the chemical-laden prized classroom lunch of your youth – instead, the pre-packed, vegetable-filled lunches I’ve been packing for work everyday.

P.S. – Don’t decide to bring a different book on the train than the one that you’re using your weekly train pass as a bookmark in. $10 on board for one way is ridiculous. And deprives you of a lunch-time Starbucks treat. Saving money fail.

ANYWAY, here are some of the lunches I’ve been packing lately.


  • Wrap: Salmon, goat cheese, and spinach
  • Sides: Cucumber, carrots, Dr. Kracker’s Seedlanders, more goat cheese
  • Snacks: Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif bar, tomato and avocado sandwich


  • Wrap: Pepper turkey, cucumber, sprouts, hummus
  • Sides: Cucumber, carrots, Dr. Kracker’s Hummus Maximus, LC Queso Fresco & Chipotle
  • Snacks: Banana Bread Larabar, avocado and sprouts sandwich
    • Banana Bread Larabar? BOMB.
  • Wrap: LightLife Buffalo “Chicken” tenders, LC Blue Cheese, romaine
  • Sides: Carrot mountain, Dr. Kracker’s Apple Crisps


  • Wrap: La Tortilla Factory Tortilla with pepper turkey and avocado
  • Sides: Dr. Kracker’s Fire Roasted Crisps, carrots, broccoli, homemade hummus

My lunches have been pretty much the same food – maybe I’m in a food rut, but everything is always so good and what I genuinely want to eat at lunchtime. Wraps with turkey, salmon, or “chicken,” carrots and other veggies with either hummus or Laughing Cow for dippage, and crackers. Generally I eat my snacks on the train home as a mini-meal before I go to the gym – a Larabar or Clif bar, an apple and almonds, and/or my avocado sandwiches. Food is good.

And yes, that last one says homemade hummus. Post coming soon – don’t get too excited, it definitely needs work. A lot of work.

Other notable eats include apple and almond snackage, of the Gala and Cinnamon Sugar varieties.


Plus epic dinner creations:


  • Sweet potato with black beans and feta
  • Mixed greens and romaine with mushrooms, broccoli, red onion, roasted garlic balsamic, and more feta

It’s my day off and I’m about to have lunch – going to try NOT to make a wrap. We’ll see how well that works out. Happy Sunday (and AUGUST!)

  1. katie anne said:

    omg ur going to the HLS too! im going but all alone! so maybe we can like exchange numbers or something an meet up?! xoxoxo

  2. Kate said:

    your lunches look so good and colorful! i actually really enjoy packing lunch. it gives me something to look forward to all morning.

  3. kbwood said:

    hey girl!
    LOVE those lunches!! MM love the clif bars too- and laras! the new ones are AWESOME! you are still going to the gym? take it easy girl! hope you had a great monday!

  4. Brynne your meals look incredible as always. hope uve been having an amazing summer!!! ❤

    have a beautiful night love


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