Getting Out of the Rut

I’ve been reading a lot of posts in the blog world about being stuck in ruts lately – living the same routine day in and day out, and basically going insane. I’ve definitely been able to relate to these kinds of posts lately! Without my job, I wake up, eat, go to the gym, go to any appointments I might have, eat, nap/watch TV/read blogs, eat, wait for myself to be tired enough to go to bed, and repeat. BORING. I’m glad it’s Sunday, because it’s a new week, which means a fresh start. But first, let’s rewind:

P6250398.JPG P6250400.JPG P6250401.JPG

Yesterday’s breakfast: two slices of millet bread (<3!), each slathered with a Swiss Laughing Cow wedge, topped with one whole egg and two egg whites split between the slices. Plus some sliced peaches topped with cinnamon. For some reason, this was the best, most decadent tasting breakfast I’ve had in a while – the millet bread’s density and chewiness, the cheese’s creaminess, and the egg’s savory-ness (?) just was amazing. I think it’s the yolk. Why have I cut the yolk out for so long? It makes the egg. Sometimes I DO like just egg whites, especially when hard boiled, but so often the yolk is just necessary.

Enter some time on the elliptical and errands with momma before a lap lunch (with a side of Fast Food Nation):

P6260402.JPG P6260406.JPG

Whole wheat wrap with peppercorn turkey, smashed avocado, and sliced tomato with celery, carrots, and cucumbers on the side to dip in TJ’s roasted garlic hummus. So perfect and refreshing .. even though it was actually pretty cool out yesterday. Again, why have I limited my avocado consumption lately? So unnecessary and basically cruel. Avocado and tomato belong together. WIth salt and pepper. Funny, I just started liking tomatoes this year .. as long as they’re actually RED, not the sad pale pink slices from Subway or my dining hall. Or grape tomatoes. I still hate those.

After lunch and some more reading, I got pretty antsy. Our internet still wasn’t working and I was sick of being in my rut, rotting away in bed watching TV and racking up the OnDemand movie bill. If you’ve heard, kombucha is rapidly getting pulled from shelves around the country, mostly at Whole Foods, but other markets too (I called around …). Something to do with it’s extremely low alcohol content and Lindsay Lohan? All I know is that I offered one store my ID – they passed. Anyway, I decided to go to a health food store I’ve been meaning to check out in the town over from me. And possibly wander around a few others, who knows.


Two Gingerades, a Cosmic Cranberry, a Strawberry Serenity, and a Divine Grape.

They were running low and had more (Citrus is gross – sorry Janeetha – and Mystic Mango is too sweet) but since they were the most expensive I’ve ever seen it ($4 a bottle!) I limited myself. When I think about how much kombucha costs, I compare it to a night out at the bar. Which I haven’t had in a while. So it works out.

Obviously I also picked up other things, including these which I’ve been missing from my life:


My friend Emily reminded me of their deliciousness, so I threw them in. Had to. You understand.

Yoga-matted dinner:

P6260413.JPG P6260411.JPG

Delicious as it is, there is just no way to make Amy’s Split Pea Soup look appetizing. Lots of green going on here. Not on the (Santa) plate though – crackwrap with a Swiss Laughing Cow Wedge and TJ’s roasted garlic hummus, plus carrots, Dr. Kracker’s Seeded Spelt, more cheese and hummus for dipping. Cholula was on the side making her spicy way into every part of this meal, which I shared with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. Sitting on my yoga mat on a Saturday night, eating soup out of a snowman bowl and singing along to “Enchanted.” I am not 22.

Then we figured out our internet was working, just not the wireless router we tried to set up. I’m setting up the new one as soon as this post goes up. THANK GOD!


Cottage cheese with chopped peaches

Anddd I just killed my blueberry craving with this monster bowl of cereal:

Plain Chobani, Kashi Heart to Heart, and tons of blueberries. Side of blue spoon and topping of flax.

These blueberries were p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Sweet, juicy, and ripe! And Heart to Heart, it had been too long. I missed you.

So, back to my rut. I realized it’s only up to myself to get out of it. I’m making to-do lists and tackling them. I’ll feel more accomplished and better about myself. The fact that my to-do list includes the NY Times’ Magazine’s crossword puzzle and yoga just tells me it’s gonna be a good day.

How do you get yourself out of ruts?

  1. Megan said:

    Avocado + tomato + turkey wraps are my FAVORITE! Especially grilled in the panini press. It’s so easy to fall into a rut, but what I’ve been doing lately is looking in the newspaper for random things to go to like food festivals, free concerts, movies, exhibits, etc or even fun recipes to try. You’ll find your way out of the rut soon!

    • Brynne said:

      Those are great suggestions, thanks so much! And you were definitely my inspiration behind that wrap :0)

    • Brynne said:

      Oh, you absolutely need to! You’ll I’m actually surprised you’re not on the millet bread bandwagon already! Let me know what you think,

  2. Vicky said:

    Peaches with cinnamon sounds so delishh! I have to try that tomorrow! Thanks for the idea! – Vicky @

    • Brynne said:

      So, so good. Can’t believe you’ve never had it!

  3. You’re welcome for the influence! Don’t think I don’t see that it’s time for you to paint your nails again in one of the pretty colors we bought. See you tomorrow?

    • Brynne said:

      Bah I forgot I have to get blood drawn in the am and its supposed to thunder!

  4. Meg said:

    I love peaches, such a summery fruit 🙂 and millet bread – totally my favorite, especially since I’m gluten-free, it gives me even more of an excuse to spend money on it 😉

    Happy Sunday girl!

    • Brynne said:

      Hmm you just gave me the idea to combine peaches and millet bread (which of course needs no excuse aside from deliciousness)!

  5. Kate said:

    yeah, what is the deal with kombucha being pulled? i noticed that at my whole foods and co-op. ooooo! google research!

    may i recommend walk with photography breaks to kill time? it is a great way to enjoy the weather and be creative at the same time.

    • Brynne said:

      Something about its miniscule alcohol content – Synergy says it should be back soon! That’s actually a great idea, thanks for the suggestion!

  6. kbwood said:

    I feel like im always in a food rut- story of my LIFE!!! why are your pictures so FREAKIN yummy looking? I wish we lived near each other! LOVE peaches- thats making me want one!

    • Brynne said:

      Ugh you have NO idea – I’m just so curious about your ostrich burger obsession .. and YOUR foods always look good enough to lick the screen, gorgeous girl!

  7. I am loving your blog! Your food all looks fantastic, I’m aching for a wrap now mmm

    When I’m in a rut (which I’ve been in frequently), I do exactly what you are doing. I make a list of things I want to accomplish and I tackle those bad boys. Go get em tiger!

    • Brynne said:

      Haha thanks for the encouragement!

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