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Vote for Brittany of Eating Bird Food as Richmond, VA’s healthiest person! And check out her awesome blog if you don’t read it already!

Wish Jenna a happy birthday!

Put yourself back together again with Katherine!

Tell my boo Jenny to feel better soon!

New blogs I love to see pop-up in Google Reader: Breath of Fire, Kiss and Type, Legal Style.

And because I am bored:
favorite cookie?
oatmeal chocolate chip.
favorite way to eat oatmeal?
in overnight oats!
favorite snack?
popcorn. then more popcorn.
favorite sandwich combo?
roasted vegetables + hummus
are you a vegetarian?
favorite vegetarian product?
Amy is a goddess.
favorite yogurt?
plain Fage and blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, and strawberry-banana Chobani :0)
favorite fruit?
strawberries, today.
favorite dried fruit?
medjool datesss mmmm nom nom nom
favorite veggie?
sweet potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. can’t pick :0)
favorite comfort food meal?
chili + cornbread
favorite restaurant?
Sakura and Chef’s Table
favorite beverage?
kombucha and coffee
favorite way to take your coffee at home?
ith skim milk and stevia
favorite cracker?
favorite dessert?
carrot cake
favorite condiment?
ketchup. on almost anything.
favorite way to eat tortilla chips?
in nachossss
favorite fast food restaurant?
do you watch food network?
favorite food network show?
Giada at Home.
favorite salad combo?
field greens, balsamic, goat cheese .. maybe some strawberries and grilled chicken
do you like Panera?
favorite bagel?
whole wheat with walnut raisin cream cheese
do you like cream cheese or peanut butter on your bagel?
favorite bar?
Clif Mojo Mountain Mix – best everrr!
favorite peanut butter?
anything natural and crunchy
favorite almond butter?
Justin’s Honey Almond Butter
favorite cereal?
MultiGrain Cheerios
what milk product do you use on your cereal?
Greek yogurt
favorite nut?
favorite candy?
sour patch kids
favorite ethnic food?
Japanese but Greek is an extremely close second!
favorite tea?
earl grey with milk and honey 🙂
favorite indulgence?
do you like margaritas?
in a word, yes
favorite margarita?
do you like pickles?
ohhhh yes.
are you into spicy food?
love it!
do you like banana peppers?
favorite way to eat a banana?
in a yogurt mess with plain Greek yogurt and MultiGrain Cheerios
favorite way to eat an apple?
sliced with cinnamon
favorite apple variety?
are you good at eating with chopsticks?
yes, it’s one of my many skills including hula hooping, folding Groove pants, and identifying nail polish color by name.
favorite fruit juice?
favorite alcoholic beverage?
  tequila. and wine. and then some more tequila.
favorite tropical fruit?
  mango FTW!
hands down favorite food ever?
i literally cannot answer this, it’s too cruel.

Link back in the comments if you fill this out! I want to see everyone else’s answers too :0)

To end the most random and pointless post ever, I leave you with this:

Oh, Yogi tea, you are so wise. And confusing.

What does that quote mean to you?

  1. Katherine: What About Summer? said:

    Thank you so much for including me! You are awesome for supporting me through this time. That quote is hard to read; I had to try a few times (I guess I get confused with subject/verb). To me, it means that you are redeemed or you can let go of stress by other people trusting and believing in your abilities. Like if people did not trust or value you, your life would have no forgiveness- only anger/self-hatred? I don’t know; it is confusing.

  2. kbwood said:

    hey girl!!!! love that survey!!! that is so freaking cute. oh gah- that quote.. ill have to get back to you on that! lol

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