Strawberry Pizza

What? Yup, I said it.

P6020127.JPGP6020128.JPG P6020129.JPG

I microwaved two Joseph’s mini whole wheat pitas, slathered them in Laughing Cow, and covered with strawberries. Plus more unpictured strawberries. Egg whites with S&P for protein 🙂 Definitely a must try!

I mentioned the other night I went to see Sex & the City 2 – and loved it! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to live up to the first movie so I think that’s why I wasn’t as disappointed as some other fans. The beginning was super super corny and definitely was trying too hard, but overall I thought it was cute and pretty funny! If you’ve seen it, what do you think?

RIP Rue, my favorite Golden Girl and fellow Theta.

  1. I just got home from SATC! I thought it was okay. I wasn’t expecting much either, so I never felt disappointed- just kinda bored! Your “pizzas” are cute. I bet the laughing cow makes it cheesecake-y… never a bad thing!

    • Brynne said:

      It was definitely cheesecake-y and delish!

  2. So yum!! What a great idea for breakfast. I wish I liked hardboiled eggs, but I am just not a fan. RIP Golden Girl!

    • Brynne said:

      I loveee hard boiled eggs – definitely a staple for me!

  3. kbwood said:

    hey girl!! LOVE YOUR BLOGGIE!! I LOVE That straw+cheese combo girl!! thats genious! i gota get caught up on your great eats 🙂

  4. Kate said:

    cheese and fruit make yummy breakfast! it seems so dessertlike 🙂

    i love the little moving berry on your blog!

  5. Maggie said:

    You know, I never got into laughing cow! I’ve seen it on blogs for years though. Never saw it with strawberries but that sounds really really yummy. Maybe I’ll try it.

    Glad you liked SATC2… I can’t wait to see it.

    • Brynne said:

      I can’t believe you’ve never had laughing cow! it’s so so good!

  6. SHE-FIT said:

    Oh YUM!!!!!! I love strawberry cheesecake. This sounds so good and guilt-free 🙂

    • Brynne said:

      haha not a perfect substitute but pretty close – definitely would be closer with ricotta and some stevia!

  7. Strawberry pizza? Must.Try.Now. It looks INCREDIBLE.

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