Roasted Vegetable BBQ Salad & LightLife Buffalo Wings

“Most people in his situation would be angry with his family for the centuries of inbreeding, but not Gerhardt. He’s too busy trying to stave off infection.” – Jack Donaghy

Thank you, 30 Rock, for being awesome.

Speaking of awesome, before work this morning, I assembled this salad:

I roasted broccoli, red onion, shiitake mushrooms, and some baby carrots – nice and simple with salt and pepper.  On top of the last half of a tub of organic mixed greens, I threw gently placed the vegetables, plus some freshly soaked chickpeas and organic barbecue sauce.  It was so, so good and satisfying come lunchtime :0)

I tried something new for dinner!

I picked these up last week and decided to make a buffalo “chicken” wrap for dinner – a much healthier version of my favorite food.  I cooked up a serving of the wings in a skillet and wrapped them up in a whole wheat tortilla with a wedge of laughing cow and some lettuce.

Oh, and I steamed some broccoli for the side.  Four cups of broccoli total for the day.  Is it weird to have a broccoli addiction?  Normal.  I topped it with TJ’s sea salt and some garlic hummus.

I couldn’t get a good shot of the inside, but they really looked and tasted like chicken.  Honestly, if someone had served these to me without telling me it wasn’t real chicken, I would never know.  Except maybe that they were better than chicken!  The buffalo sauce was great, it tasted just like a restaurant’s buffalo sauce.  It could have been spicier (I like it HOT!) but that was easily remedied with some Frank’s.

I’m glad I have another serving of the buffalo wings and I bought the honey BBQ version too – so excited to try them!

Are you doing anything special for Memorial Day?

  1. mm, that wrap sounds delicious! I want to try those wings now 🙂

    • Brynne said:

      try them and let me know what you think :0)

  2. I’ve never tried the LightLife Buffalo Wings but your wrap looks awesome!

  3. jenna said:

    love your blog and eatsss!

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