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Happy Thursday!

As I mentioned yesterday, today I have been doing a juice cleanse, offered to my store’s employees for one day free from a yoga center nearby.  I woke up at 7 but couldn’t pick up my juices til 9:30.  After looking online, I found the cleanse description and they recommended drinking water with lemon.  I made do.

I was only hungry .. as opposed to ravenous .. by the time I could get to my first juice:

Juice #1 Vdaya/Begin – “Jump right into your cleanse with a sweet green juice that is sure to give your day a power start.  Loaded with viamins, super foods, and detoxifying greens; this super-food elixir will lay the foundation for long lasting energy for your day.”

Ingredients: All organic spinach, parsley, acai, spirulina, cucumber, kiwi, lemon.

Hmm – SOUR!  Definitely “green” tasting!  I could definitely taste the spinach and cucumber – maybe even the parsley?  The green spirulina gave it a distinct seaweed-y taste.  Overall, though, it wasn’t bad.  Something to get used to.  Don’t drink in public – luckily I caught my green ‘stache in the rearview mirror before going to my favorite store’s 25% off sale …

Juice #2 Kaia/Pure – “This drink tastes as beautiful as it looks but even more importantly it will give your body the energy it needs to purify.  Heating the body from the inside out, this drink will concentrate on the liver while keeping your energy and metabolism strong.”

Ingredients: All organic carrot, apple, beet, grapefruit, green tea extract.

YUM!  Ginger dressing from a Japanese restaurant in drink form.  I wanted to bathe in it/continue drinking it all day!

Juice #3 Saucha/Cleanse – “Kick your cleanse into full gear with this powerfully detoxifying tonic.  This vitamin packed drink, with natural diuretic qualities, will keep your insides working hard to purify while your digestive system gets a well-deserved rest.”

Ingredients: All organic cucumber, carrot, celery, kale, parsley, lemon.

Muddy!  It wasn’t bad – a bit sour – like when you eat a not-yet-ripe cucumber.  I could also definitely taste the parsley.  Hard to explain, but not bad at all.

Juice #4 Agni/Fire – “Sip on this for a few hours or chug it down, either way this mineral packed lemonade will keep your mood steady and even.  You may remain cool on the outside but this drink will definitely keep your insides nice and hot while increasing blood circulation for further cleansing effects.”

Ingredients: All organic lemon, cayenne, maple syrup.

The famous “Master Cleanse” concotion.  I love spicy and lemon – including the pulp that was floating around in there – so this was actually great!  I couldn’t detect any sweetness from the maple syrup, but again, I liked it a lot!  Got a nice big gulp of cayenne the last few swigs 😉

Juice #5 Sukha-Stirha/Steadiness-Ease – “You’ll love it or hate it, just get it down!  Allow this potent combo to roll up its sleeves and do its job.  The shot of wheatgrass will strengthen our cells, detoxify the liver and bloodstream, chemically neutralize environmental pollutants, flush out toxins while providing an energizing vitamin and mineral packed punch.  Chase it down with a cooling juice that will settle and soothe the digestive system while calming the entire body.”

Ingredients: 1 oz. organic wheatgrass, 6 oz. all organic cucumber, ginger, lemon.

I actually liked the wheatgrass!  Definitely grassy, but with a slightly sweet aftertaste – yum?  Okay, I like wheatgrass.  The “cooling juice” was sour again – not as much as the first juice, but definitely from the cucumber, as well as the lemon.  It did remind me again of the ginger dressing (except no ginger in either of these juices?) but very potent.  Not horrible, but not great.

Juice #6 Santosha/Contentment – “Keep your feet on the ground!  This carrot colored concoction will get you through the evening while providing your body with all the nutrients it could ever need.  Loaded with necessary vitamins your body craves, it can finally absorb them straight into your blood smoothly with ease.”

Ingredients: Organic apple, celery, carrot, zucchini, lemon.

Although it’s orange, the celery is the taste that really shines through.  It’s not unpleasant, but celery isn’t the world’s best tasting vegetable (at least without globs of hummus or peanut butter on top).  The carrot and apple definitely sweeten it, but I did think it would be more apple-y than it is .. which isn’t that much at all.  The lemon gives it a zesty aftertaste.  Refreshing :0)  I’m definitely feeling an energy rush!

Juice #7 Nidira/Deep Sleep – “Revive, Rest, and Replenish.  This soothing brain tonic will give you one more full dose of minerals while settling your stomach with gentle digestive enzymes.  It’s a cool face wash, stroke on the forehead, and gentle pat on the tummy all in one.”

Ingredients: All organic cucumber, pineapple, mint, aloe, kelp.

A sweet, light, but definitely green juice.  I know it sounds weird, but I feel relaxed drinking this .. kind of buzzed almost.  Definitely no juice #2 but still pretty good!

Overall thoughts: I’m happily surprised!  I really wasn’t starving all day like I expected to be.  When I got a little rumbly in my tummy (around 4) I had to wait til I left work at 5 to drink Juice #4 but then I was fine.  I usually get really snacky at night but I’ve been fine with just my juice.  I am definitely a little bored with them – I love the experience of eating – picking out what I want, making new combination, assembling and cooking my meal, and obviously, eating it.  I can’t wait to eat again tomorrow :0)  But really, I only feel deprived of my eating experience, not of food or nutrients – those I sure have gotten plenty of!  I’ve also sipped water throughout the day as I normally do.

What I’m most surprised at and pleased at is my energy levels!  With NO CAFFEINE this morning and no nap, I made it through the morning, 5 hours of work, and up through tonight.  I can’t remember the last time I went without at least 1 cup of coffee in the morning, usually another in the afternoon, plus most of the time, a nap.  Energy from juice is real.

Would I do it again? Sure, but not anytime soon, and definitely with a combination of juices.  While I did like the “Master Cleanse” juice, I can’t imagine drinking only that for 3+ days.

What I’m most curious about is how many calories and nutrients I’ve consumed today as compared to a normal eating day.  Without knowing the ingredient to water ratios, I don’t think any attempt to figure it out would be right.  Anyone have any ideas?

Be back tomorrow for FOOD, info on juicing, and how I feel the day after my cleanse!  Good night!

  1. Wow this is so interesting!! It’s awesome you got to try this! How long in between each juice did you have?? I feel like I would be starving! But you said you thought you would too, but it wasn’t so bad- So I’m sure it’s not too bad!
    Juice #6 with the apple sounds the best to me!

    • Brynne said:

      The guidelines are about every 2 hours, but I just went with my stomach/work schedule :0)

  2. SHE-FIT said:

    WOW! This master cleanse sounds great. Although I am with you… I love the experience of eating. I would love to try out this detox cleanser. It sounds legit compared to the other ones where you are just starving yourself.

    • Brynne said:

      Yeah, it really wasn’t bad at all! I think on a normal-appetite day (not after 3 days of over-indulging), I might have gotten hungry enough to eat – and if I had felt the need to, I would have.

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